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I have had pigeons since 2003, when I got my first few at an auction. I have now started showing at large shows and trying to get higher quality birds. I currently have Racing Homers, Flying Rollers, Indian Fantails, American Fantails, and Frillbacks. I have two lofts, my main one is 6 X 10ft. For winter I have all my birds in there, hopefully in spring I will be able to seperate my different breeds and put some in my 4 X 8ft. These last two years I have had several set backs, July 2006 a cat got in my main loft and wiped me out, so I only had about 35 birds left out of 80. It took quite a while to get my birds back up, but I lost alot of my good show birds and it will take a while to breed my birds back. Then again in June 2007 something got into my roller loft and killed 18 of my 24, leaving only one breeding pair and a few young birds left.


This is one of my favorite breed, the first breed that I got good quality birds with. I have only a few pairs of rollers left, and they are not the best so I am going to try to find some new stock to add.

This is my best Flying Roller hen, she was hatched April 5, 2005 and did very well at shows getting Grand Champion at state, Reserve at the Beaver Dam Pigeon and Bantam Club Show, and doing well at various other shows. Unfortunatly she was killed July 07.

Parlor Rollers and Tumblers

Two breeds that I have recently gotten into are the parlor rollers and tumblers. I got my parlor rollers after being amazed at a roll January 28, 2006. I love how they roll on the ground up to 600 feet! I got my first parlor tumblers for Christmas 05' and was hooked! They are almost like the rollers, but instead of rolling on the ground for a distance, they roll in one spot either one time or twice.

Parlor Rollers

I currently have two pairs of parlor rollers. The black roller is certified to roll up to 200 feet! The almond roller is certified at 128 feet and I also have an opal that is certified at 110 feet and a tort, that is still a young bird and I have never rolled him but I will take him to a roll sometime this year and try to get him certified. These birds are amazing! To learn more you can visit this It has a lot of good information about breeding, feeding, and showing parlor rollers.

Parlor Tumblers

I currently have five pairs of parlor tumblers, most of which tumble very well. My best are a red badge cock and grizzle hen, pictured below.

Racing Homers

These are some of my best Racing Homers. I showed several birds at the ISPA pigeon show early December 2005 and the cock farthest to the left got reserve of the color. As this was my first year going to such a large show, I was very pleased with how he did.

Indian Fantails

Indian Fantails were the second breed that I got that I want to stick with. The biggest problem that I have with my Fantails is that they do not have enough tail feathers. The white cock pictured below got champion fancy pigeon at a show April 06, and is probably the best Indian Fantail I have. He and the Andalusian cock, also pictured below, I got at the ISPA show, December 05. (You can get info for the show at My Indian Fantails have probably been the most productive of all my birds. I only lost a few July 06 and they have been awesome parents:)

This is my only blue cock. He was one of the first cocks I got and he got Reserve Champion Fancy Pigeon at a show in Beaver Dam, WI September 06.

December 06 I got a pair of Fantails from the national show in Iowa. I wasn't able to raise any babies out of them, but hopefully this year they will with a few changes to the loft.

American Fantails

American Fantails are one of my newer breeds that I am trying to get started in. I haven't been able to raise any even though I have about 8 pairs.

A few of my older fantails


I finally found a pair of afordable Frillbacks October 07. They are really nice and I am really hoping to raise some babys and get a few more birds.

Thanks for looking!!

Please look at my other birds!!!!

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